Judge Peter Forman draws Independence Party endorsement

The Dutchess County Independence Party has endorsed County Court Judge Peter Forman for renomination in the coming primary election.
In announcing the endorsement, party chair Yvonne Flowers noted Forman’s high regard as a judge: “Judge Forman has spent nearly 20 years building a well-deserved reputation for fairness and dedication on the bench. The Independence Party is proud to endorse him for renomination to run for a second term.”
Flowers also singled out Judge Forman’s 15 years of building and presiding over Dutchess County’s Drug Treatment Courts as especially noteworthy.
Judge Forman thanked the Party for its endorsement: “I am gratified that the Independence Party has named me as the best choice for County Court Judge. I will continue to work hard to ensure that fairness, integrity and justice remain hallmarks of the Dutchess County Court.”
Judge Forman has successfully petitioned for a place on the Independence Party primary ballot. The primary will take place on June 23.

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